Guest Post – 6 Web Designing Software to follow in 2018

Web Designing Software

As with any form of great aspiration, web designing is all about inspiration and perseverance. In the past days, creating web pages was limited to hardcore coders, but well that is not the case anymore given that we have various tools that simplify the process of web designing. Web Designing services have become very simple and easy with the accessible technologies that aid in the process.

There are various web-designing tools that are geared towards programmers, they act as advanced text editors and allow you to build a website step by step. However, these tools that aide in the web design exist somewhere between the two ends that are extreme. There are various web designing software available in the market, among which a few are feature-rich, well-established and a few that are dominating the web design industry at present.

Among the software that is available for web-designing, a few of them are paid, while some of them are free. We present to you the best web design software to have a clearer view of the trends in 2018.

In this below guide we have laid major focus on tools that are best among the current one’s available today.

Adobe dream-weaver

Adobe Dream-Weaver can be termed as one of the best known tools in the web design industry. The software has been present in the market for a long time now. This software is a very popular tool that is available for web-designing and it is suitable for all the level of expertise, may it be a beginner or a professional.

This tool has a broader perspective that will appeal to the beginner as well as the professional. As you install the software and launch it on your computer, you are being asked about the skill level, i.e. beginner, intermediate or advanced. These feature of the software helps to determine the number of features that will be displayed to you, and if you will be given an alternative to perform certain complicated tasks.

Along with the powerful interface, the software supports all the types of web codes from basic HTML to CSS, PHP, and JavaScript etc. If you are not able to tackle the advanced level, then the software also supports the templates of WordPress and Drupal. If you are working as a beginner, then the software also suggests you certain changes that you can implement to make your design better. The software permits a free trail that lets you experience what is right for you beforehand.

Google Web Designer

There is no bar that can stop the technology from any kind of advancements. One such advancement can be recently observed in the software used in Web Designs. Google Web Designer is one of the latest advancements that one can observe here. Google Web Designer is one of the excellent tools that can be used to create interactive content. In simple words, we can say that Google Web Designer is used to build advertisements.

Google Web Designer is a simple WYSIWYG interface, i.e. What You See Is What You Get. The software supports YouTube and Google Maps. Google Web Designer is great software that can help to create amazing HTML5 designs, motion graphics and animation on various platforms of Mac, Windows and Linux.

On the GWD interface, one can easily manipulate a 3d content with the help of CSS3. Google Web Designer incorporates a handy library with a set of various components such like videos, images and other advertising content. It also allows you to publish content automatically. This software is available free of cost for Mac, Windows and Linux.

XARA Web Designer

XARA Web Designer software is specialized one when it comes to delivering a fully operative website with a vibrant blend of color scheme, fonts and other design features along with delivering the precise information about the product or service.  This software of Web Design permits you the freedom to add features as per your choice to make it a hot favorite among the web designers.

This software uses the WYSIWYG interface, i.e. What You See Is What You Get, and it gives you the results without the boredom of writing codes. This comes in 2 versions, one is a free one and the other one is the premium one. The premium feature allows you to use more advanced web and graphic designing features as compared to that of a non paid one.

The Software comes with an option of drag and drop that makes customization easy. There is a huge collection of widgets from which you can choose the one as per your need. This software avails you the freedom to create a responsive website. No matter on what device you use the website, it will share extreme compatibility with each of the devices.

Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is an HTML editor and web design tool launched by Microsoft. Currently, it is a discontinued (by discontinued mean no updates and addition are being done in the software. But, the last version is still available and still working normally as it was the component of Microsoft and which is why it is freely available now. It has WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is an added advantage when it comes to softwares that are used for Web Designing. This software permits you to design your website without the usage of any coding. This software helps you to create websites that are static. This software has an abundance of features which is of less than a boon for the professional web designers.

This software gives you the authority to add external tools like blogging and e-commerce website design. Since no coding is required in here, it becomes very easy for you to build a website. This software has a prebuilt set of themes and widgets which can be implemented when and where required.  With the help of this software, one can get desired professional results without undergoing through the complex process of coding.


Coding is a tough and complex process that is necessary for web designing. Well not everyone in the market is through with the knowledge of these. So Webflow comes to the rescue here. It is a cloud bases service which is specifically designed for people who have least knowledge of coding and are a beginner at web design.

This software avails the feature of Drag and Drop Graphic User Interface. This feature allows you to drop elements on a page using the templates that are freely available. E.g. elements like text and images. The interface of this software is a bit difficult and it will take some time for the beginner to master. The codes produced in this software are clean and well written and also this software provides support for the e-commerce plug-in or marketing tools.


The above-mentioned list of software is of essential help when it comes to web-designing. As a designer, you have a wide set of choice to choose from. If you are a beginner in the web designing field and are looking for a set of great kick starters to kill it on your website, here are the few of them for you.