It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of every home, it is usually the place you will find most people hanging around or where you spend time with your family at meal times. Kitchens can be the most expensive room to remodel and kit out, but as it is the central hub of your home it is important that it stands out and sets the standard for the remaining rooms in your home.

Fully fitted kitchens are beautiful, with their modern worktops, fixtures, appliances and even cabinets that everyone desires. However, many simply don’t have the budget to have all the latest technologies, especially if they are a first-time buyer.

But, fear not as there are a number of things you can do to give that tired old kitchen of yours a facelift:

Simply Painting The Walls

Simply Painting The WallsAlthough it may seem the most obvious, changing the colour of the walls in your kitchen can make a big impact. Being the quickest, easiest and cheapest thing that you can do to transform your kitchens look, painting the walls will give a fresher, cleaner look to the room.

Using a lighter paint will help to give the room a larger feel. Another tip would be to choose paint colours which are neutral, this way you can add accessories, artwork, blinds etc to match your personal style. Note: Having a neutral colour scheme will help when you come to sell your home in the future.

Replace Your Cabinet Doors

Replace Your Cabinet DoorsThere are a huge number of styles available for cabinet doors, trends do come and go which can often leave your kitchen looking behind the times. Of course, the type of cabinet doors you choose will be massively dictated by the look you are trying to achieve.

Traditional kitchens usually suit solid wood doors better usually, oaks and pine doors are a great fit. Especially if you are looking to create a more “country cottage” style space. You can tie this style of door with a set of wood venetian blinds to really make your kitchen POP!

Moving into modern kitchens they usually make use of high gloss handle less door which are available in every colour imaginable.

Replacing Your Worktops

Replacing Your WorktopsIn a similar way to cabinet doors, your kitchen worktops can easily be swapped and changed around for new ones. Your worktops can quickly become worn and if you have a laminated worktop you can sometimes see bubbling or “blown” sections. Especially in areas where moisture can get in, normally around your sink and taps.

There are a number of choices you have when it comes to worktops, whether you are looking for a laminate, solid wood, granite or marble. You can get any colour you wish to match your kitchen’s new colour scheme.

Consider Upgrading Your Appliances

Consider Upgrading Your AppliancesThis is the most expensive area when it comes to giving your kitchen a facelift. Appliances such as your fridge, freezer, ovens etc can cost a pretty penny. Often it does depend on what you are looking to buy to what budget you will need. Usually, the oven is the centrepiece which ties your kitchen together or if you have an American style fridge freezer. Upgrading your appliances can often give your kitchen a much more modern appearance.

Rethink Your Kitchen Storage

Rethink Your Kitchen StorageOver the years we accumulate a huge number of items in our kitchens. It would be beneficial to set aside some time one weekend to get your kitchen cupboards organised so that you can get easy access to things you use every day. Simply clearing your worktops won’t cost you anything and can instantly improve the look of your kitchen. Although, alternatively you could rethink your storage solution by having pull-out drawers in a cupboard which will help to make all the space usable.

Have A Feature Wall

Have A Feature WallWallpaper is another great way to add some vibrancy to your tired looking kitchen. Either by covering all the walls or by creating a feature wall, which would be the cheaper option but will still help to improve the overall look of the kitchen. Make sure that when you are picking out the wallpaper that it is heat and steam resistant. As the last thing you want after spending money on wallpaper is for it to instantly fall off due to the steam in the kitchen.

Refresh The Sink

Refresh The SinkMany people look over the sink, but it can have a distinctive character within your kitchen. You can easily change the way it looks and feels by simply adopting different sink styles depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you are going for a country feel then you could adorn a white butler sink, for a more contemporary look you could use a stainless-steel design or copper would really help to make a solid statement.

It is important to think carefully about how you are using your sink currently and what you think could help if it were changed. For example, you may find that a large double bowl or integrated drainer sink would be a more practical fit, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. Use best bug removal to clean.

Make A Real Statement With Your Lights

Make A Real Statement With Your LightsIf you’re looking for a way to dramatically improve the look of your kitchen, then you can use lighting to help give that effect. Large metal pendant lights are the ideal way to make a statement and can help give that industrial feel many people enjoy. You can hang them over a table or island to help create a focal point within the room. Helping to provide light for both tasks and mood lighting. If you were to choose a smaller design, follow a stylist’s tip and hang in threes for maximum impact.

Replace That Old Flooring

Replace That Old FlooringFinally, we come to the kitchen floor. Lino is the most common flooring used in a kitchen as it is quick and easy to install. But, it should definitely be considered when giving your kitchen a facelift.

Over the years Lino has become less fashionable and has been replaced with other flooring covers. If you have the budget, then you could consider adding under flooring heating topping it with some high-quality stone tiles. Solid wood and laminate flooring is also a great alternative to use in your kitchen. There is a wide range of flooring available to compliment your kitchens look.

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