Property Trends Small City Flats and Making The Most From Your Space.


With rise of city living for millennials and many property developers creating small but fully functional and ‘packed with all the mod cons you need’ modern spaces for city workers

“Many property developers are cashing in on the modern city workers who is looking for a space that is close to work and everything the big city can offer but willing to sacrifice the space. It imperative that you make as much use as possible to have maximum enjoyment from your home.” – Property Development Finance Specialists – UK Property Finance.

Recently, there’s been an increasing cultural emphasis on the “less is more” mantra. More and more people are opting for minimalism as a way to manage resources and live sustainably.

As you embrace the minimalist lifestyle, you’ll want to ensure that your home doesn’t feel too uncomfortable, sterile, or bare. You need to strike the right balance to keep you and your partner satisfied while preserving the environment.

There are simple ways to be conservative that aren’t just about managing space, but also about choosing the right appliances to keep your home energy efficient.

You can also get some great space savers in your bedroom like the innovative and easy-to-order Bed-in-a-Box mattress that promotes sustainable living and encourages making the best use of your space.

#1. Lighten up your home

Small homes have the tendency to appear dark and constrained due to the closeness of items and furniture. If you don’t live in an open environment where natural lighting is an option, you can easily improve the lighting to make the space feel fuller. For many years, experts have been advising homeowners to augment their lighting.

For sustainability solutions, use LED bulbs instead of your standard incandescent bulbs that are outdated for modern living. LED bulbs will cut your energy costs by several hundred dollars annually. It’s a great way to light up your home while acting sustainably.

#2. Choose multi-functional furniture

Double duty furniture cuts down on lots of smaller pieces that take up too much space. Look for a dining table that doubles as a kitchen island or a coffee table with a chest of drawers. Your home will feel more open without additional items that serve only one purpose. Remember, excess furniture can clutter up your home, so why have two when one can do the job of both?

#3. Go tankless

Which hot water heater do you use? If you’re still using a dated storage tanks that hold up to 80 gallons of water, it’s time to change things up. Those tanks take a heavy toll on your heating bills and end up wasting energy because you don’t always use all the water you heat. A smart alternative is the tankless heater which only heats the quantity of water you need at the time. In addition to cutting your bills, they take up less space, making your home feel more spacious.

#4. Be transparent

Literally! Opaque furniture and other home items create a dark effect because they block out light and prevent reflection. Furnishing your home with bright colours, sheer materials, and glassware can significantly change how a space feels. Transparent glass for your bathroom door, kitchen cabinets and patio doors will make your home look more beautiful and spacious.

#5. Vertical storage

You’ll create lots of valuable space by replacing your typical cabinets with vertically aligned ones. From mounting your bike vertically to placing your kitchenware in the same manner, your home will be easier to maneuver. As a bonus, using vertical space decreases the risk of stubbing your big toe on some pointy edge.

There you go! You now have five smart ways to make the most of your small home. Minimalism is on the rise and has promised to take over soon – freeing one small space at a time.