Best Personal Finance Apps of 2018

Personal Finance Apps

Minding Personal Finance Through Apps

Finances form a critical aspect of your life, especially if you happen to be a householder. Its management and planning isn’t a simple task by any means as it requires an array of activities, such as designing budgets, debt payoffs, retirement plans and a host of investments. These financial measures, falling under the domain of Personal Finance could be quite tedious and call for expert help on a regular basis. Fortunately, today, you don’t have to run around looking for reliable experts to help you out. The job can be done in the comfort of your couch through various Apps, available on your smartphone.

Best Personal Financial Apps

If you find your Personal finances in a state of disarray, don’t feel disheartened, for here we have for you some of the best finance Apps of 2018. These will get you immediately on track and as you get going you will see your finances acquire a desirable shape. And, you are a seasoned investor, these Apps will offer you a world of convenience.


If you are a reckless spendthrift in desperate need of being mindful of your finances, register for Mint. It is one of the most used online budgeting tools. Their easy– to use web app will help you set your budget and also keep a track of your spending. It will tame you as a spender, reflecting data on your spending account. It will also present to you a monthly account, giving details of where all your money has gone. The automatically app puts your expenses in categories like restaurants, bills, groceries, movies etc. What more- you can even create your own category!

Personal Capital 

This is by far the best online tool to manage your Personal Capital. It is available both as a web app as well as a phone app. It reads your portfolio in-depth and advises you on the kind of industries you should be investing in. It also reads your past investment history and gives you a report on the performance. The app also helps you know about your future Social Security benefits.

You Need a Budget 

If you are yet a novice budgeter, harp on to YNAB. The tool isn’t free, but for a reasonable monthly fee, you get innumerable benefits. You can avail free financial literacy workshops hosted by them and through chats interact with a host of other users to share and discuss your financial progress. You Need A Budget is user-friendly and can be availed both as an online web app as well as a smartphone app.

Overspenders can cure their undesirable habits with this app. Its avowed goal is to have you track every penny you spend from your pocket and thus stay mindful of your day to day and monthly expenses.

Credit Karma

For many credit scores and reports seem hard to decipher. Credit Karma helps you comprehend them by breaking down the credit score and history and uses simple language. The online tool provides you with an analysis, whereby you know the factors that affect your scores, the average age of your credit accounts and how much credit you use, which is termed as credit utilization. Credit Karma monitors your credit and gives you notifications on the updates. This way you can be alerted if anyone opens a fraudulent account in your name.

Tip Yourself 

This app is a relatively simpler app with fewer frills as compared to other personal finance apps. It is one of the best apps for those in need to cultivate or nurture their saving habits. The app encourages you to tip yourself each time you forgo your impulse for spending or stick to your budget plans. On the app you need to set your goals and as you progress you see your jar fill up.

Qapital + IFTTT 

Qapital is available on smartphones as an app. Its interesting features can help you have fun with savings. It links itself with your bank account and credit card and so, you can transfer all your money into it. Using their fun rules such as  “Guilty Pleasure” and “Freelancer Rule” helps you put aside amount for indulgences. The app can be used through its web page also.


This is an easy to use app that helps you in splitting bills and expenses. It is linked with PayPal, making it easy to use from wherever you are. Through this app, you can exchange or request cash. If you are a user of this app, you wouldn’t find yourself stuck if your bank balance goes low. The memo section of the app can help you make quick notes as well.


This app works best for those who live together in a group, sharing living spaces. It is useful for others too as it helps split everything right from your rent, electric bills and outside meals bills. Through the app, you can keep a record of everyone’s share and keep a track on any I.O.U.s.

Turn To Apps to See your Finances Grow

All the apps mentioned and described above are easy to use. With these apps. in the ubiquitous presence of your phone and laptop, you would not see a single penny of your spending go unmonitored. Your finances will only grow.