Moshe Strugano Explain Importance of Optimizing a Website to Succeed Online

Optimizing a Website
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Alright you are up and ready to begin your new online business venture and are keenly looking forward to make a neat profit. Well if you want to be a successful business entrepreneur online Google search engine optimization is absolutely essential so as to ensure that you have a strong online presence. Having a high ranking in the search engine listings will help to generate loads of online traffic which is a pre-requisite for being successful online. The greater the volume of traffic the higher is the probability of successful conversions.

The fact of the matter is most novice web owners are stumped when it comes to developing a solid website promotion plan. As a consequence there are those who ignore undertaking the task because they are not aware of the techniques to achieve high rankings even though it is vital for success online.

Here are some of the specific reasons to optimize a website:

  • To make website useful for specific audience
  • To grow organic traffic
  • To take advantage of existing traffic
  • To force a website to work smarter
  • To give viewers what they are looking for

This can be carried out mainly in two ways. The first and more challenging option is to learn the finer points of optimizing the site yourself. This will save on expenses and be cost-effective. According to Moshe Strugano (Owner of Moshe Strugano and Co Law Firm) the only hitch being to achieve a high level of proficiency you will need to devote a considerable amount of time to learn the process, which luxury you may not have. The second alternative is to seek and engage the services of a professional search engine optimization team. They specialize in this area of the industry and are your best bet to succeed in your web promotional campaign. They will assume responsibility of implementing the entire process with solid results and that leaves you with time to deal with other areas of the business.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization, often known as SEO is the process of growing website traffic through search engine results.

SEO helps making website more discoverable. When prospective users search phrases related to your services, brand or product, your website has a better chance to come on the top position in search engine results and the user can probably become your customer.

Suppose you have a health expert. You offer health related tips and guidance on your website.

You also include information about disease diagnose and treatment. With right and effective SEO practices, a user searching a phrase like “What are the common treatment of flu” your website might have a better chance to come on the top search engine result and user find useful information there that directly promote your services.

That’s the supremacy of SEO.

Do you need to hire SEO Firm?

Although you can hire a SEO firm that specializes in the process, it is always useful to learn the fundamentals of the process for oneself. Developing a basic understanding of the way search engines work, the role of keywords in the process, and understanding basic strategies which are used will come in handy in the long term. It can lead to having you implement a few basic strategies on your own and will also serve as being useful when you hire an external agency as you will know what it is exactly that you want from their services.

An important fact to be aware of is that when it comes to SEO services there are mainly two types of SEO that are in use. The first is the most sought after and popular with search engines and is known as white hat SEO. Its counterpart that is looked down upon and penalized by search engines is black hat SEO that can lead to a fall in rankings or even de-listing from search engine results. The former method is considered to be ethical and professional while the latter are termed as unprofessional. There are a few practitioners of SEO that resort to black hat techniques but one needs to realize that although they produce short term results, once detected (which is inevitable) it will negatively impact your website and as a consequence your business.  The safest method to adopt is the use of white hat SEO which proves to be immensely beneficial in the long term. Always verify the type of method used by the firm that you engage, to optimize your site.  In the event you are doing it yourself ensure to only use white hat techniques.

SEO can prove extremely complex, but knowing the basics will give you a running start.


When optimizing a site bear in mind that with Google being the most popular search engine around it is best to stick to their guidelines, so as to develop a competitive edge over other businesses in your segment. Whether you decide to optimize your site on your own or to hire a professional company its optimization will give your business a much needed boost.

Always conduct a thorough research and collect as much data as you can before starting a SEO practice. Be specific and write content that target your audience and business niche, always ensure the information you offer is better than your competitors’.

Try to make separate campaigns for off-page and on-page SEO practice. Always ensure your website loads swiftly on both mobile and desktop and that you are getting backlinks as much as you can.

Then follow the rules and work on optimizing your website for conversions so there is no wastage of time for all good traffic.

Keep focus on the end-user experience and the blueprint you identify through user performance reports. Eventually, you will observe traffic and conversions boost based on your smart work.

Moreover, even older articles can constantly prove beneficial for your SEO practice. Don’t reduce your efforts as just applicable to the moment.

If you write down firm evergreen content, you can get traffic — and make conversions — for many years.