How to supercharge your sales process using a Real Estate CRM

Realtor Lead Management Software

What is a Realtor?

If you’ve been generating leads in the real estate niche for a long enough time – you are hyper aware that only a small percentage of leads generated are hot prospects who are most likely to buy from you.

To ensure that you hyper target those leads who demonstrate a burning desire to make a purchase from you right now – you need a system to target your sales presentation to this specific lead segment.

The salesperson’s most dreaded prospect is the lookyloo – those customers who never intend to make a purchase from you – but take up a lot of your time in the sales process.

In such a scenario your sales team needs to have a world class lead qualification system to help them analyze the buyers interest immediately rather than spend hours if not days trying to convince the wrong folks.

A CRM enabled real estate management platform can help you achieve this goal by creating an automated sequence of sales funnels that your team can use to cherry-pick the best leads from your lead pool.

How to Automate Your Lead Management with A Realtor CRM

Let’s say you’re a realtor. You’ve set up your lead generation process and are proud to see a vast number of people who are waiting to hear from you every day. You’ve been in the game long enough to have a thorough system of cold calling and cold emailing which enables you to reach the maximum number of leads in the shortest time possible.

But here’s where you begin scattering your valuable time – with an overcrowded lead spreadsheet – you often lose the valuable leads in a sea of follow up reminders with looky-los.

Using the automated email and SMS feature in the Real Estate Lead Management Software– as soon as a lead gets registered in your CRM – a first touch is sent out series telling them who you are and how you can help them.

You can then couple a cold call sequence with this automation. This way you can make this an effective first touch is by using the software’s lead tagging facility – wherein you can tag your leads as Hot, Warm or Cold within the CRM dashboard itself.

Using this feature – your team that can set up follow up reminders with the Hot and warm prospects to effectively nudge them towards purchase by putting them in property-specific sales funnel which can be automated by the real estate CRM software.

How to Create a Lead Nourishment Program Using a Real Estate CRM

Let’s assume you’ve found the golden prospects in your lead pool who have expressed all the buying indicators of a person  looking to make an immediate investment – however, due to a spotty follow up a schedule from your part – they slowly begin to have their interest in your product fade away

The best for you to continue to fan the flames of need on your prospect’s decision-making process – is to generate reports on the prospects who have bought from you and prospects who have visited your property and have not bought from you.

We are interested in the prospects who have visited your property and have not made a purchase, using a real estate CRM you can put them create a specific segment of leads that are close to converting.

You can then target this segment with a gain-logic-fear sequence of emails telling them what they have to gain, what they have to lose by not taking action and how buying your product is the most logical decision they can ever make.

A segment of these non-purchasers would then re-engage with you after which you can start another follow sequence by adding reminders to the CRM dashboard – through which you can convert these buyers into power.

What Are Some Benefits of Using A Real Estate Lead Management Software?

  • Integrate and capture leads from multiple channels or sources in a single dashboard. This lets you maximize your lead generation and management capability. Also, significantly improve your ability to evaluate each opportunity and speed of responding to each lead.
  • Partner with established online channels to maximize the lead generation! Now you can integrate and receive leads from multiple online portals.
  • Capture and convert your website visitors into online leads by integrating Real Estate CRM web forms.
  • With easy cloud telephony integration, you can manage all your inbound and outbound calls from a single platform. By tagging a particular number to each campaign, you can accurately track the source of each received call.
  • Run and receive leads from focused email marketing campaigns using segmented lists. You can run customer-oriented campaigns based on prospect buying stage or priorities.

How to choose the Right Real Estate CRM?

  • You should be able to access and manage all the conversations with your prospects directly from the CRM Dashboard
  • You should be able to have a tool that lets you organize your leads in the form of hottest to coldest and you should also be able to see each of your conversations with these prospects in this hierarchy
  • Let’s say a query is generated and for some reason your team cannot attend to it. There should be a time frame within which this query should get auto allocated to a higher authority.
  • You should be able to calculate prices based on the area of the property like floor, ceiling etc and all this information should also be synced into your dashboard
  • You should be able to schedule and manage site visits through the Mobile CRM
  • You should be able to arrange a payment schedule for properties and should also have the features to set up regular reminders for upcoming payments.

How to supercharge your sales using the Real Estate CRM

One of the best features of a Real Estate CRM is the lead thermometer.

The lead thermometer lets you classify your leads a Hot, cold or Warm based on their interest levels. This helps you because you can focus on the 20% that give you 80% of your sales.

A new method of cold calling is emerging – known as the cold calling 2.0 method.

In this method, you will follow the following steps,

1 – As soon as the lead is generated set up an automated welcome emailer telling them who you are and why you are awesome

2 – A small portion will read it and a small portion will not.

3 – Pick up the phone and start calling only the folks who have read your email. These are the folks are hotter than the ones who haven’t read your email. Start with them.

4 – Send an email every day as a broadcast with tips and How To’s. As you keep sending them emails – keep cold calling those who have opened your emails.

The lead thermometer will help you in this process because even with the cold calling 2.0 – you will find unqualified prospects.

So this thermometer will keep you focused on the minority that really wants to desperately make a purchase.


To effectively sell more units in a shorter time frame – your sales team needs to tune their sales presentations with each interaction, i.e once they’ve gauged the general interest level of a prospect – they need a ‘set it and forget it’ system to continue to nurture these leads into buyers in a small time frame.

A Real Estate Lead Management software can help you set this process up, taking you closer towards your income goals through smart systems that automate the lead management and conversion process through easy to use tools unified into a single dashboard.