How to Keep Your Aging Parents Happy

How to Keep Your Aging Parents Happy

Do you know that lonely aging parents are in a vulnerable position?  With age, comes the need for special care and attention. The best care comes from the family members, and especially the adult children. So what can you as their adult child do to ensure that your aging parents are happy? This is a question that needs to be on your mind throughout. Don’t forget that your parents have been through thick and thin trying to raise you to adulthood. Well, the best payback you can afford for your elderly parents is ensuring they live happily.

Unfortunately, a good majority of the working population have left their parents to languish in poverty despite the fact that the parents took care of them. Here are some pretty ideas on How to Keep Your Aging Parents Happy

Visiting Your Parents and Spending Time Together Frequently

Visiting Your Parents and Spending Time Together FrequentlyLoneliness is a silent killer! The best way to keep loneliness away is ensuring you are in contact. Calling your elderly parents daily is not enough. The best you can do is ensure they see you quite often just as they did when you were young. For some, this might seem impossible given today’s busy lifestyle. However, with proper planning and organization, you can afford time for your parents. Why not consider working longer certain days of the week to create a day over the weekend to see your parents?

Another option is embracing technology and work remotely may be for a week or two, so that your parents can feel happier to have you around. Therefore, those weeks when you are less busy, you can take your laptop, travel to your parent’s home and work from home as you spend time with our parents.

Plan for Assisted Living in Your Absence

No matter how hard you try to be with your parents throughout, in some cases, you won’t be available. Who takes care of them in your absence? You can hire a geriatric care manager to take care of them. Well, this might depend on how long you will be away, and most importantly the health of your parents. For those who require special care like memory care, a geriatric care manager will be necessary.

When hiring a caregiver, it is important that you ensure they have the required nursing skills. With good nursing skills, they can take good care of your aging parents. Also, ensure that you disclose any special needs to the caregiver that will be attending to them in your absence.

Take Nice Photos Together

Take Nice Photos with parentsWhen you visit your parents, ensure you capture the memories. Nice photos will remind them of the good time you had together. This is at least before your next visit. You can call a professional photographer to ensure you have beautiful photos. Share the photos with your parents, they need to have those memories too.

Hug your Parents Goodnight

For that affectionate feeling, why not hug them goodnight and ensure you great them every morning before leaving for work. This is a good way of ensuring your parents feel happy every evening as they retire to bed. At least, they kissed you goodnight every night when you were young. Now as the caregiver, make an effort of at least hugging them goodnight when you are home with them it makes them feel treasured. The feeling of being loved will also help them sleep well.

While you are away, call them at least every evening before their sleeping hours and let them know you are okay before they go to bed. If you never knew, your parents still think of you and want to know you are okay. Therefore, call them and share with them how your day has been for them to have a relaxed night.

Let Them See Their Grandchildren Often

Visit with GrandchildrenYour parents are happy to see you raise their grandchildren just like they raised you. Therefore, allow your children to spend some time with their grandparents it makes them feel happy. If they are schooling already, take them to your parents during the school holidays. Even better, you can take a week off work to share the good times with your parents. Consider traveling with the children when you are visiting your parents. The more often they see their grandchildren, the better.  The same applies to your children. They need to know their grandparents and spend time together.

Buy Them a Nice Seniors Apartment

Our parents made so many sacrifices for us to be who we are today. If you are financially successful, there is no doubt your parent played a big role towards your success. Therefore, it is important for you to think about rewarding them. A good idea of the best gift you can give to your parents is buying them a nice apartment designed to suit their needs. There are various seniors housing options in different cities where you can buy an apartment for your parents. Therefore, discuss with them the best location they would be comfortable living, and buy them a seniors living apartment.

Support Them Financially

Financial support is also another good way of making your parents feel happy. You can choose to pay for their medical bills, or even support them by funding a project they have started. You will be surprised by how happy they feel when you have shown financial support no matter how small. You can organize monthly contributions with your siblings to ensure your parent’s monthly bills are catered for.

Take them for a Fully Paid Holiday

No matter the age, we all like traveling to new places. Your parents feel happy when you request them to accompany you over the holidays. Book them into a nice hotel and sponsor the trip fully. This helps them relieve accumulated age-related stress as they enjoy the trip.

With the above ideas, your parents will feel appreciated and loved. Therefore, don’t let your parents feel lonely, try one or all of the above ideas to make them feel happier.