Oh! How I Want You – How to Get the Best Leads Out of the Missed Follow-ups

How to Get the Best Leads Out of the Missed Follow-ups

You have a great product, you have the best marketing team, you even know the right words to say, then why does it seem so hard to keep clients coming back after the first initial approach?

Is it because they don’t have any use for your product or because you couldn’t get back in touch with them in time.

It could be either of the reasons, the first one we have no control over, but the second situation is very easily avoidable.

Our extremely busy schedules keep us at our feel through the day. The meaning of being in a sales team is essentially to meet targets, to get a ‘xyz’ amount of leads on a daily basis. It can be quite tiresome talking to several other people day in and day out just to get them interested enough to want to know more and schedule an official meeting. Some days it takes no efforts at all, but other days, getting a single meeting scheduled can feel like a blessing. On days like this, the pressure and stress are such that remembering to follow up on a previous lead may slip of our minds. Although understandable, it is no excuse, as you probably just lost what could’ve been the biggest client your company could have.

So what do you do in a situation like this? How do you rectify this small yet significant mistake?

Firstly, understand that it is not the end of the world. You are a professional and as long as you can handle the situation calmly, it can be salvaged.

Here’s what you need to know about any sales call.

1. You can’t always be a “One call wonder”:

You may think that you have to get the client in the first or second call, but that’s not true. It is a proven fact, that the chances of a client showing 93% interest can be achieved only by the 5th

So if you have missed one follow up call, it’s okay. Call back at the earliest and remind them why they need your product.

Rely on your CRM to keep track of your previous conversation remarks, note down the main points of your conversation to refer to on your follow up calls.

2. Educate your client:

Even if your next call is scheduled for a week away, keep their memory about your product fresh with emailers, articles etc. Remember this is a professional relationship, do not resort to WhatsApp messages to promote your product.

The idea is to make them feel like you never lost touch, which goes a long way with when you actually approach them for a lead conversion.

3. Know your prospective client:

It’s always better to understand the client behavior. For example, studies show that most companies are more receptive to new offers and open to any form of sale between 4 pm to 6 pm on a Wednesday or Thursday. Interesting right?

So all you need to do is find the right time to not only remind them of your product but once you do that swoop right in and blow their mind.

These are just a few ways you can show the client that you haven’t forgotten about them just because you missed one call. Let them know you do want them and they are the most important to you.

However, to avoid being in this situation altogether, here are a few steps that could keep you away from such unpleasant encounters.

  1. Prioritize: The easiest way of doing so is by dividing your clients based on their interest in the product.

Rank them in levels ranging from hot to cold. Hot of course being the most convertible       lead.

This way you can keep from missing out on the major leads and stop you from chasing       other non-important ones.

  1. Maintain a living, breathing database: Ensure all your customer data is saved and accessible at all points. Knowing all there is to know about your customer makes it easier to keep track of all possible transactions with them.

Keep updating information as and when you receive it.

Mr. Sharma is out of station from the 12th of July? No problem, schedule a call for the 10th.

  1. Rely on reminders from your CRM and the calendar app on your phone like oxygen: Keep adding tasks to your calendar and reminders on your CRM to receive regular updates of what you have scheduled for the day.

We fail to realize but these are the little things that can save us big uncalled for             accidents.

Now that you have a brief idea of how missing a follow-up call can be dealt with, let us know in the comments what according to you is an easier way of getting out of it.

Author Bio:

Sales & Marketing Head at Kapturecrm.com, David likes to connect with like-minded professionals. In his free time, he likes to read and write informative blogs and articles which can help other gain more information.