10 Hidden iPhone Tips and Hacks That Most People Don’t Know

iPhone Tips and Hacks

Purchasing a smartphone is a big decision. You research what kind you want and which features you can get for the best price. Many people find the iPhone to be the best smartphone on the market because of all the great things they can do with it. If you are thinking of purchasing an iPhone on a tight budget, you can look for a reconditioned iPhone. It will typically save you a reasonable amount of money on getting your desired iPhone.

The iPhone is so versatile and comes with so many features and capabilities, which explain its massive popularity. This is not enough, there are some hidden iPhone hacks that most people don’t know. With these iPhone hacks, you can perform various tasks on your phone. All these tips and hacks help you make your iPhone fully functional and get the most out of it.

Here’s a list of 10 hidden iPhone shortcuts (tips and hacks) that you can use to make your life and enhance your mobile experience.

Shake Your iPhone Out for Removing What You Type.

Don’t like what you just typed on your phone? Simply shake it to remove it. If you make a mistake while texting, you can just shake your phone to get an option of Undo typing. You can do the same once more to Redo Typing if you want to take back your deleted message. This trick even works while you writing an email or editing a photo.

Enable Late Night Mode to Make Your iPhone’s Speakers Louder.

If you love to listen to music on your iPhone then you must try this trick. You can raise the speakers’ volume by just enabling the Late Night Mode. To do this, go to Settings > Music > EQ and then tap on the Late Night to choose it. It will make your iPhone’s speakers louder.

Turn On Airplane Mode for Fast Charging.

If you enable the airplane mode on your iPhone, it will speed up the amount of the time the phone takes to charge while it’s plugged in. To do so, access the Control Centre on your iPhone and tap on the Airplane Icon.

Unlock Your iPhone Without Pressing Home Button.

Believe me, it works. You can unlock your phone just by doing: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and then enable the “Rest Finger to Unlock”. It will allow you reset your finger on the button to unlock the device.

You Can Create Emoji Shortcuts.

With the latest iOS updates, the iMessage App suggests emojis as you type something. For instance, you have created a shortcut named “love” for the heart emoji; it means every time when you type in “love” in a message, the aforesaid emoji will instantaneously appear. How can you do it? Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Set a Timer to Stop Music from Playing

Do you like to listen to music while going to sleep? If so, you can try this trick; you can stop your music playing automatically after a specific time period by setting a timer through the Clock App. To do this, head to Clock App, tap the “Timer” and then set the time you want. Next, tap the “When Timer Ends” menu and then choose “Stop Playing” to set the time you want and then click on the “Set” to start it.

Take Pictures and Play Songs Using Your Headphones.

Do you love to capture each moment immediately to make it a memory? If so, you can just use the Volume Up (+) button on your iPhone’s headphones to capture pics while the camera app is open. Further, you can stop or play a song by pressing the centre button of your headphones while listening to music.

You Can Also Create Custom Vibrations.

Yes, you can set up custom vibrations for notifications same like the custom ringtones. To do this, just choose anyone from your Contacts list > Edit > Ringtones > vibration and then you can choose from stock vibrations or simply tap on the Create New Vibration to make your own vibration.

You Can Listen to E-Books Instead of Reading.

Are you not in the mood of reading e-books? Start listening to them right now! You can activate the “Speak Selection” option; it reads texts out loud.  No mood for reading e-books? Listen to them now! Yes, the “Speak Selection” option reads texts out loud. To turn it On, simply navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection. It will offer you a large selection of languages such as British, Spanish, and Australian. You can pick up the one as per your preferences and start listening to your favourite e-book.

You Can Hide Your Private Photos and Videos.

If you have some photos and videos that are private and you don’t want to share them with anyone else, the good news is that you can hide them on your iPhone. To do so, simply launch Photos App, select one or more photos, and then tap the Share button. Next, select the Hide option. It will make your all chosen pictures invisible from the Collections, Moments, and Years views. Hence, you can still access them through the Albums screen.

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