Guest Post – Gifts for Women Who are Fond of Traveling

Gifts for Travel Women

I have a group of women friends who are passionately nomads and get often on the long journeys. Gifts and accessories to enhance their travel are most welcome for upcoming holidays or celebrations. Alike me, every traveler wants the usual travel essentials, at the same time; they love to acquire some of those electronic gadgets, not others as yet possess. To help out my friends, I always look for unique yet practical things they can use while they are traveling – Some to give as hand-outs while others to use for my own travel journey.

There are items that are just perfect for travel; Outdoor shirts that are wrinkle free with sun protection cushioned pumps for walking in comfort, multi-function gadgets, and things that are light and not occupy so much space but are designed for multi-use. Women, however, want not just to travel in comfort. They want to be stylish as well.

My husband and I were recently on a short holiday trip and we only brought our carry-on luggage. When you discern well what to bring, you are able to travel light and will still be elegant.

Packing Travel Organizers are Great

I find travel packing organizers, something thin and light, like these e-bag slim packing cubes, very practical gifts to give women who travel often. I like using these myself. I leave these packing cubes in my luggage and each time I go, I have them ready for my travel stuff. Each one has a specific function, spill proof for those items like shampoo or lotions and expandable for items you’ll shop for.

I find that if things are organized, it is easy to unpack and find what I am looking for. I can just place the cubes in the hotel drawers. My things are also safer when placed inside these organizers especially at airport security points when, sometimes, you need to open your luggage for one reason or another. And you know what? These e-bag slim packing cubes are selling fast here with canary as the favorite color.

Actually, all travelers love these as their things are well protected and organized. Using these leave my clothes neat and clean that when I reach my destination, I just hang them up and they are ready for use. They also secure the tiny items that can easily fall off when you open your bag in airports.

These days, electronic gadgets and its accessories occupy so much space and some are tiny that unless you organize them, you risk its loss or waste so much time scrambling in your suitcase for a piece of accessory.

Dual Time Watch

Most of the times, specifically at new locations, women have to catch up with the babies to see how they are coping while they’re on the journey. Having this gadget will let them catch up with home easily.

As a convenience, you can configure Apple watch to display multiple time zones on the watch face, adding to your local time. Optionally, world clock complication can be merged to these watch faces like chronograph, mickey mouse, modular, utility and simple; can be added to some of them.

You can also gift them the Apple watch bands and replacement straps to personalize their watch with accessories matching their own style.

Also, your sense of time often gets distracted when you travel and there is always a reason to check out the time at home when you’re on the road.

Travel Wallet

This travel wallet will enable your women friends to tour places with their passport and money safe with them. I have known of women whose purses were snatched by guys on motorbikes right in front of their hotels. This happened to one woman I know not only once but twice.

In many countries, locals often warn us to look after our purses. Close to really hugging it which makes you look ridiculous, I don’t know how else to protect it so this travel money bag will be just great for those valuables. With their valuables safely protected, your women friends can interact freely and rummage through the souvenir bargains even in crowded places.

Backpack Slings

Traveling women will appreciate getting these sorts of bags. They can place their Digicam, a bit of cash, and their smartphone when they are on day tours for visiting sites or out for shopping. They can tuck a water bottle, the tour info along with maps and navigation guides they need to roam around the corner.

I love Baggallini as they are light and full of a pocket organizer. At airports, I often see many women travel with these bags. Of varied sizes, you can get several and put them inside your bigger purse. When you reach your destination you have a choice of purses. So think of these bags for the women in your gift list who travel a lot.

A Classy Coach iPad Sleeve

Most women now just carry their iPad when they travel and for those stylish women friends of yours, there is nothing like this sleeve to make them swoon.


Scarves are travel staples. I have several scarves and depending on the weather, I choose one that I can use in the beach over my bathing suit, use another to enhance a dress in the beach for a very nice dinner, or keep me warm in the plane. They are so light that I can easily put them in my purse. If I have 5 silk scarves, they occupy almost zero space rolled up and it gives me 5 outfits with 1 dress.

An Adventure Travel Bag

Women who often travel especially those who go for adventure will love these bags. Even those who don’t go for those adventure getaways will find these strong and will keep their camera and other expensive items safe and secure.

Read these to get more ideas on gifts to give women who travel often. Am sure you have some in your gift list.