6 Ways Email Marketing Can Improve Your Start Up Promotion

Email Marketing

Even though some predicted that email is going to become obsolete as a mean of marketing, the exciting truth is: it’s not. Some even say that it will be more important than ever.

Almost 1/3 of all users prefer to hear from brands through email and 66% made a decision to purchase something because of an email they got. The most amazing data is that for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get $43 in return.

However, email marketing doesn’t come easy to everyone. There are many elements to consider and figure out and many ways of marketing that most businesses can’t make a decision on which one is worth investing in.

But the benefits of email marketing are undeniable. Not only does it bring a lot of money to the table, but it also establishes relationships, trust, brand awareness and convinces people to take action.

This is why you seriously need to consider it. Do some proper research of your target audience and segment it – figure out what your audience wants to hear and then you can start building and optimizing your emails.

Here is how email marketing can improve your start up promotion.

It can turn visitors into customers

Once you’ve created your amazing website, it’s only natural to expect a flood of sales. However, it might be harder than it seems. You might get a thousand visitors in the first few days but you will hardly see any conversions.

This is where email marketing comes in.

You can’t expect people to trust you right away, and that’s why you need to build trust. Add a sign up form to your home page where visitors can enter their email and receive some sort of preview or a deal for signing up. You can utilize some email marketing guides like Via Writing and State of Writing for this.

For instance, see what Enchanting Marketing did, offering it’s ‘snackable course’ to new clients. This gives an extensive preview of a book which can be purchased on the site. This is a smart move as once the client sees how helpful the information is, they will probably trust the company enough to purchase a book. Just make sure that everything is proofread since customers don’t like spelling and grammar mistakes and think of them as unprofessional – use tools like My Writing Way or Writing Populist.

This is also how you build an email list.

Raise brand awareness

If you keep delivering useful and entertaining information to your subscribers, chances are that they will share it with their friends or family. There have also been many examples of people sharing images of emails from brands that they find interesting. This can bring you many new subscribers – people want to hear from brands that have something to say.

You can encourage this by using an effective call-to-action and asking them to forward the email or share a bit of it on their social media with simple click to tweet options.

This way, you get your brand in front of more eyes. However, not everyone has time to read them through, so you might want to format for scanners by using Academized, recommended here.

Boost sales

Email marketing can obviously be used for more than just delivering fun content from your blog or website – you can promote your product as well. 98% of people open their email every day, so it’s suffice to say that this can be a viable strategy.

You can influence people to purchase your product or services by crafting an inviting subject line that promises something unique and exclusive like a discount or a promo code that they can use to get a better price. Some tools that you can utilize are Academ Advisor or Boom Essays.

Copy Blogger recently started an email campaign promoting a discount for their course Rain Maker – they used catchy subject lines which showed that you can get that discount and in some of the last emails, created a sense of urgency to encourage more sales.

Grow your audience without a website

If you don’t have a website, you can use email to grow your audience and boost your sales that way. Gain an email list through attending conferences and seminars, connecting with people on social media or some other way – if you own a brick-and-mortar store, for instance, through asking your customers.

You can then share updates, information on new products, sales, discounts etc. You can also use tools like UK Writings and Ox Essays to create accurate and appealing email campaigns.

Increase your traffic

As you probably know by now, email is the best tool for driving traffic to your website. People are more likely to click on your calls to action in an email than if you post on social media.

This is why you should always include calls to action with links that lead back to your website. Think about which links would be the most appropriate for that occasion and which CTA would attract the most people.

Whether people will click on it is up to you and the quality of your content. No matter if it’s a video, written content, image or anything else, make sure that it’s always entertaining and useful to your subscribers if you want them to click again the next time. This way, they will remember that you had something good to show them and they will gladly click again.

Establish customer loyalty

With all the possibilities that you can offer to your customers through email, you can definitely build loyalty.

“Look for opportunities to use customer-generated content in your emails to show your customers that you care about their opinion. Offer special discounts and useful tips to your loyal customers and pay attention to the customers who have become your brand advocates”, – explains Cara Steiner, an Email Marketer at Paper Fellows.


Email is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. You get a unique approach to them, being able to deliver your messages where you know that they’ll be seen and heard – to their inboxes. It can help you promote your start up and build a relationship that will last.