Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019


It is a fact that if you want to remain in the digital market, then you need to adopt the changes or else you will fade out easily. Well, this does not mean that you purge (get rid of) the ongoing trends you were following till now. After all, they got you great results and all the accolades for your hard work.

But, nothing remains constant for long in the digital world and the reasons can be processed development, new roles appearing, changing the landscape and of course technological trends.

Digital marketing is huge and it has built a strong ecosystem in the past decades. So, anyone related to the digital world needs to know about it. So, we here list top 7 digital marketing trends in 2019.

#1. Multichannel marketing

It is more specifically known as omnichannel marketing. What is it?

Well, you need to know about it because it is fast gaining importance. It is actually the set up of different marketing touch points for customers. In today’s world, where options for a customer are endless, they need these touch points to ease themselves and gain confidence through their buying journey.

To make things more clear, nowadays,most businesses use social media, emails, text messages as common marketing channels. Customers need to be engaged with brands on diverse social media channels as well. So, only by commenting on Facebook, the job is not done.

The trend is to reach them on other social media like Twitter, Instagram to make your presence recognized. Next move is to meet the clients on other routes too.

There are other channels like Podcast, SMS’s, APPS ( both iOS and Android), PR and Press Releases, direct mail, offline ads, virtual assistance and all the possible ways to reach your customer.

These channels actually reinforce your existing marketing strategy.

How these channels will help in digital marketing?

It is a fact that clients research a minimum of three channels before hitting the buy button. This multichannel strategy is the company’s best way to create an image and one of its own exclusive kind of client experience for the customer.

Let us understand it from the perspective of a client.

For example, if you want to buy a pair of sneakers you will first try to figure the best available options and for this, you will probably start looking for it in the popular e-commerce portals. If the brand is available on almost every e-commerce site with reviews and information, you will prefer to dig deeper and find out more information.

For this, you might search in popular social media platform and look for honest reviews and feedback. If the brand is popular and has its own website, you will definitively make a price check of it on the website of the particular design and pattern.

So, omnichannel marketing is very important and is going to become strong in the coming days for sure.

#2. Chatbots

Chatbots are now everywhere, which means they are on every type and kind of websites. They now have a mandatory presence on all websites which can be from social media newsfeeds, mobile apps, and even business websites.

They are the virtual assistants and the enterprising companies deploy them as their own digital caretaker.

The chatbots are fast gaining recognition as it makes the site interactive. Not only searchers but even the Google crawlers identify them and rank such site higher because they make the site interactive.

There are other functions for Chatbots which include

Lead qualification, self-service, shopping assistance, knowledgeable guidance, accessibility, and so on. Even so much so, the Small businesses also have them even if they perform little functions like greet the clients, answer generic questions, and also navigate them towards a purchase.

The upcoming trend suggests that these chatbots will rule the upcoming years as they make the site interactive and responsive. Again, the clients also prefer to ask about their queries and save their time. Reading blocks of content takes a hell lot of time which is now not required with these smart chatbots.

#3. Artificial intelligence

It is no wonder that digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence make made a move together to go hand in hand. The AI provides the collect data, analyze it, apply it correctly and precisely for digital marketing.

The benefits include

Better user experience,

With relevant content, the user has more inclination to make the deal which is the main purpose of marketing, the AI is the crux to give them better user experience. It also increases brand loyalty and converts leads into recurring customers.

Even data like location, past behaviour, and historical data make the user believe that the brand was built specifically for them.

Predictive customer behaviour,  

It is like a two-way channel, the client finds it tailor-made solution and the company is now aware of the predictive behaviour of the client. This helps them to increase the business and gain as much possible from the lead.

Real-time customer support,

quick resolutions and response are one of the biggest things customers look for in a good digital experience . The chatbots, quick, and prompt customer service support, and even the virtual assistance all are possible with AI and help customers have a better experience and give the business the insights it needs to succeed. So, this is the most welcoming trend in the digital marketing landscape.

#4. Personalization

To understand this, you first need to infer what is buyers persona. It is the persona created by the information and data collected from reliable sources mostly using AI. this is now an imaginary persona which is very close to the potential client belonging to the particular age group, belonging to the section of society and imitates the buyer is all respect.

Well, the digital marketing trend is to personalize the marketing strategy. It has its own benefits which includes

  • Increase Better customer experiences
  • More revenue flow
  • Cross-channel selling opportunities
  • Brand consistency
  • Create brand loyalty

With so much potential, this personalization marketing strategy has created mind- blowing results alone in the US itself. In fact, the research indicates that clients now prefer to buy from a company after they get a personalized shopping experience.

#5. Video marketing

Videos have always the X factor and they can drive people. It is a norm that we cannot skip a video unless we watch it. We can generally skip a content, but when it comes to a video we tend to watch it, even for the shortest while.

It is so because our brain is a bit lazy. It always has the acceptance to ready stuff and what better can be other than a video. It has everything, words, messages, visual appeal, simple understanding, and of course nothing to interpret. So, no wonder that even the top websites are going for it.

We have recently seen HubSpot trying to built communities around it with videos. If you are short of ideas and want to know how and what kind of videos to make, we have plenty of suggestions for you.

  • Product information
  • How to vlogs
  • Company work culture videos
  • Webinars
  • Behind the scene video
  • Interviews of the influencers
  • Even testimonials

#6. SEO for the Next Generation

SEO is the lifeline of digital marketing and without it, no work can be done effectively. For example, the latest update about the page load speed is one such updates. So as a digital marketer, you need to know about it.

Lets elaborate on the page load speed. Sites that are taking more than the stipulated time to load are not approved by Google and does not get the right ranking. It is so because the Google algorithm now understands the user intention better and wants to give them the best user experience.

Small businesses are more affected with these changes because a lot depends on their sites appearing on the ranking results.

The digital trend for 2019 is to look and follow certain rules which will fulfill and provide the best user experience. Do not miss small but really effective things like long form written content, optimize for local search, using schema map, integrate a different kind of media for each page, easy user experiences and not to miss anything which will facilitate.

#7. Tune in to Voice search

It is predicted that the upcoming trend is to make voice searches. So Alexa and Siri should know about you. This is the age of multitasking and there are common instances where people are juggling with work.

So, voice searches who have quietly crept in will ahead and rule the trend.

But the most common yet biggest difficulty is that voice search result generally brings just 2-3 results. There are examples when sometimes even it retrieves 1 at all and it is really a tough task to be in the search result list.

But the winnings are very high and the recommendations are really sought after.

Even visual search are making their way and no prize for guessing that they too will be accepted in the digital marketing world.

The next move which is predicted by most of the marketers is the voice implementation getting its competitor in image searches. The center of this technique is in searching for the things you need by an image or photos.

How to gear up for the changing digital marketing picture

You will get the signal yourself if you start feeling isolated or left out from the big marketing resolution which everyone is adapting. Business owners cannot miss or better afford to avoid  new capabilities and changes.

To gear up your business for 2019, all you need to stay aware of the changes that are taking place, study the market, do research from a reliable source and finally understand how to fill the gap for the upcoming trend and to implement it successfully.

Author Bio

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.