Guest Post – 12 Factors When Choosing Best Cloud Based Phone Solution For Your Business

Best Cloud Based Phone Solution For Your Business

Typically the last thing a business is looking to do is to spend or waste more money buying something new for their company. It then costs money to train and implement the new software or system. However, when you’re talking about cloud-based phone solutions, you may want to consider adding this to your company expense list.

Virtual Phone System Software (AKA-Cloud Based Phone Systems) can be the difference between wasting time with no progress made in the work day or having smooth communication between employees and customers making it a productive day.

Here are 12 factors to consider when choosing a cloud-based phone system for your company.

Lower Cost

Using a cloud-based company gives you the chance to ditch the expensive hardware, servers, IP phones, etc. and letting them store and handle all of that. You are essentially paying for them to store, maintain, upkeep, and troubleshoot any issues with the back end of a phone system. This only leaves you to worry about logging in, getting to work and downsizing your office or upsizing to fit more employees and less bulky hardware.

Mobile Friendly

Today it almost seems impossible not to have everything work on your smartphone. That’s why companies have taken measures to make handling day to day operations work even on the go on your smartphone. Instead of tethering yourself to a bulky phone system at the office, by hiring one of many virtual phone-based companies, you can have the peace of mind to log in anywhere in the world from your laptop or smartphone and still get your work done. This also allows remote employees or newly hired workers to start their work immediately as well.


With today’s ever growing and fast internet speeds, it’s no wonder people are choosing to ditch the in-office hardware for a more reliable solution. Before you would have to host all of your own hardware at your office and when a problem would arise you would then have to pay for an IT person to come fix the solution. That not only costs more money but wastes time. With these cloud computing companies, they take care of any IT hardware, and software issues and always have a help desk you can call if you have any issues. They usually have other measures in place to account for natural disasters, power outages and more. This leaves you with a no BS, reliable company who will not fail you.

No IP Phone Needed

Since these companies are completely mobile friendly, it allows you to get rid of your bulky IP system phones, hardware and more. Instead, all you have to do with a cloud-based company is log in with the app on your smartphone or desktop and start making calls. You can choose to use a headset, but that’s about all you would need and even then most hardware today has built-in mics.


If you use any other software solutions such as DropBox, ZenDesk, and SalesForce then this may be the right choice for you. All the software companies know its best to play nice with one another so they usually all can integrate with the most popular software available. You can use these cloud phone companies to send and receive a fax to your DropBox while having incoming sales calls from SalesForce log your info into your phone solution.

All In One

We all communicate in different ways. It’s best to use a company that can tie together all of your means of communication into one spot. Email, live chat, phone calls, texting, and more are some features to look for when hiring a company. You can have multiple people using it all at once doing different tasks all at the same time. It will usually keep a log of any work done that day to look back on.

Extra Features

It helps when the company can also offer extra helpful tools within the software. Some examples are call recording, call queue, automated phone answering, free phone numbers, etc. These tools can make the job just a little easier.


As stated earlier, since you are moving your operations offsite, its best to hire a company that has a very good support team. This way if and when you run into a problem, it can be corrected really quickly and make a smooth transition for you and your employees. The whole point of hiring a cloud-based company is to get rid of the hassle at the office, but not to be in the dark with it comes to troubleshooting.

Offsite Everything

The nice thing about using one of these companies is you literally can rid of any bulky IP phones, PBX systems, wires, and IT staff. Several companies host all of that for you and all you need is a good internet connection, fast computer and a headset (optional). This saves you time, space and hassle.

Hidden Costs

Make sure that before you sign up you read all of the rules of your agreement. The last thing you want is to start using all the features of these very powerful systems to then find out you racked up phone call charges by the minute that you can’t afford. Look into what you get, if there are any hidden fees and what the limitations are.


Since this solution is very mobile and digital, scaling your package plan or features can be as easy as one click. Most times these companies make it flexible for upgrading, downgrading and even canceling/pausing your service.

Save Time, Money and Gain Freedom

Lastly, we all want to save money and gain our freedom back. Especially if we see our employees spending our money fixing solutions that can be managed by someone else. By ditching the old way of letting your employees or IT professional handle your virtual phone system, let a cloud-based company do it for you and put your efforts in other places.