What are the Challenges a Mobile App Company will face with IOT?

What are the challenges a mobile app company will face with IOT

IoT is a trendy concept for enterprises as it provides a big opportunity to thrive in this digital world. It is defined in several ways; collects data, analyze it and thus generating insight for producing mass level benefits. List of outstanding app developers is having a heavy competition to give their best in the digital market for the customer. The deployment levels are challenging one and here the business units are involved for an efficient IoT implementation.

A brief sketch of IoT Implementation

The IoT has already taken our world to another level; businesses have to realize their power in order to stay competitive in this digital world. A recent report exclaims that in the year 2020, there will be more or less twenty billion connected things. This is a rapid transformation for our daily lives along with Smart homes, connected cars including wearable. There is a list of organizations have already started its IoT path. Factors such as data management and security, IoT platforms are major concerns for implementation of IoT.

Important Challenges for successful IoT implementation

Delivering the right values to Customer

Generally, defining a problem statement is directly proportional to the major success of an IoT implementation. This is the major thing, most service providers miss it out. First, understand how probable solutions can effects efficiency, customer satisfaction including its productivity in the long run.  Retrospection and understanding of the customer’s problem statement is a must. Hence, it is important for IoT experts to point out key performance indicators and optimize through IoT solution.

Data Connectivity issues

Each and every corner of the world, data connectivity is a major problem and it still exists. There are some areas where data connectivity itself is IoT implementation challenge.  This shows how IoT devices interact with gateway and cloud. Detailed information about the generation of data format is also provided. Legacy devices depend on Programmable Logic Controller and Remote Terminal Unit whereas IoT gateways are compatible with GRPS and Wi-Fi connection. Hence, there is a great need for suitable edge layer that translates transport protocols in order to send concerned data to IoT platform. The right set of protocols helps in many ways for a well defined IoT implementation.

Hardware Compatibility Issues    

Generally, data capturing occurs through sensors and Programmable Logic Controllers which are directly connected to IoT gateways in order to collect and transmit data to cloud services. Initially, organizations should identify types of equipment, legacy machines based on target and business outcomes. If the Programmable Logic Controllers and sensors are not involved, the IoT implementation challenge becomes a crucial one. Enhancing external sensors is a little bit challenging one; hence knowing about compatibility issues is a highly recommended one.

Anonymous Data Capture Difficulties

Just consider, if an entire setup did not face any challenge and system is processing, but still there can be critical issues of incorrect data. Due to some incident, the inability of software handles certain complications in run time and so incorrect data gets captured. This automatically helps in inaccurate analytics that leads to improper decisions. This implementation challenge is the most important one for both enterprises as well as promising customers.

Data Security issues

Recently, there were many ransomware attacks and so organizations and customers fear about the major concern of data security. Many changes have already risen for corporate spying to gain intellectual property. So, IoT service providers should provide 100% assurance for safety. Data security issues are taken care of by an authorized governance mode, providing access to sensitive reports. This one defines a list of data related security policies which are most important for successful IoT implementation.

A recent research report exclaims that about ninety percent of organizations implement IoT though breach system at the back end system before the year 2018. Hence, organizations secure IoT infrastructure, cloud-based data security, secured devices and protection of data etc. Later, and it is difficult to optimize safety features to the system. Data sensitivity is also another important factor to be considered to create an IoT based connected enterprise implementation a greatly successful one.


Most of the IoT systems fail due to communication challenges. Hence, the communication protocol between machine-to-machine needs to be considered beforehand. This helps to overcome huge chances of IoT system which is unable to accomplish the communication gap. A well defined IoT system is capable of communication list of file transfer protocols, which is a major necessity. Thousands of organizations are resulting in Return on Investment due to critical issues for a longer period of time.

Scalability and intelligence capabilities

As the enterprise grows on, there will be more machines, devices, and data will be added. Hence, a reliable IoT system should be a scalable one to handle data without any complications. Once entire IoT is built, adding scalability capabilities will not be that much efficient one. Most of IoT platforms provide auto scalability feature to enhance IoT system in a reliable manner.

IoT implementation is not only the connection of devices and machines to the internet. Initially, intelligence is added to analyze the real value of IoT. Machine generated data is a better option for actionable insights to gain advantages in a practical way. The reality is for a powerful IoT implementation, connectivity is not only enough and enterprises should consider reliable functionalities such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Analytics Challenges

Realistic value of IoT is analyzed through several insights derived from latest IoT data. This one is capable of handling an enormous amount of data to be enhanced in a reliable solution. Data analytics Experts need to remember some points for formulating IoT implementation architecture. This one involves data processing, cleansing, and representation etc. Predictive analytics along with IoT solution helps to solve complicated IoT implementation challenge.

The above challenges are crucial factors which have a greater influence for a successful IoT implementation.