What Are The Best Places To Hang Your Large Chandeliers?


Decorating the place where you are living is a kind of activity that everyone loves. This is the reason why you may have witnessed people spending money like water on purchasing the new-new type of showpieces and other decorative stuff. From expensive curtains to elegant carpets to antique furniture, there is a lot of stuff that can glam up your interiors. Using large chandeliers can be an awesome pick for you if you want to impress your guests. These are large in size which attains everyone’s attention without much effort.

Most of the people have thought that large chandeliers are only designed to style auditoriums, churches and big halls, but this thought is totally worthless. Nowadays, people are witnessed styling these in their home and workplace like a pro. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is the size balancing. Make sure that the chandelier does not overpower the beauty of your room.

There are a number of places where you can hang your large chandelier but a little mistake related to measurements and size balancing can ruin the overall beauty of your interiors. So here we are discussing the most appropriate places where you can hang the large chandelier:

The Master Bedroom:

The very first place that comes in mind while styling large chandeliers is the master bedroom of your house. These are usually huge in size as compared to the other bedrooms and need special attention in terms of decoration too. If you think that you can only decorate your bedroom using the boring overhead lighting or some showpieces, then you are definitely wrong. Using the large crystal or spherical chandeliers can help you change the overall look of your room. And the best part of the master bedroom is that this portion of your home can easily complement the large chandeliers without any hassle. All you need is an oversized ceiling to pull up the whole look. These not only look elegant but can be a perfect source of lighting in the huge room. You can also prefer to use strategic table lamps and sconces.

The Foyer:

Everyone wants to make an unforgettable first impression on their guests and chandeliers are great to do so, especially the large ones. Whenever someone enters your house, foyers and entryways are the first places your guests observed. You can plan to add a multi-bulb chandelier at these places and give a unique and different look to your interiors. From candle chandeliers to drum ones to beautifully draped crystal stunner, there are a number of options to style. These are perfect to set the tone for your overall home décor.

The Staircase:

You will find a staircase in most of the houses and to complement them well, you will need an elegant piece of the chandelier. Basically, the large one can go well with the surroundings. These are functional too as more light will increases the overall safety of your staircase.

The Dining Room:

It is often seen that people love to hang huge chandeliers right above their dining table. These work perfectly in case you arrange any kind of dinner party or a get-together with family or friends. To illuminate your weekday meals, these are one of the best additions to your dull and boring dining area. You can go for the black and white chandelier with translucent glass shades or just go for the classic ones. These add a glam factor to your neutral kitchens with their beauty. Large Chandeliers basically go well with the dining area as these complement the huge table very well.

At Your Workplace Or Office:

Why not thinking of giving a makeover to your home office too! You can add artistic pieces that work perfectly to inspire you all the way. You can place the chandelier positioned directly above your desk so that you can get the best lighting while working. These not only help you enhance the look of the room but are practical too.

Wrapping up, styling your home with large chandeliers can be a perfect decision to add charm to your interiors. Here we have discussed the most popular places in your home where you can think of adding a large chandelier. Hopefully, it will help you make the right decision.