5 Best IP Monitoring Tools For An Enterprise

IP Monitor

All enterprise networks run using an IP address, and one can find more information about it by logging into IP addresses like To know how better a network is functioning, enterprises install an IP Monitoring tool. All the interfaces are required to be regularly monitored to ensure the system is working without any hindrances. They need to stay online as the enterprises can operate without any intermission for as long as possible.

It usually isn’t possible for any employee/worker to continuously spectate in front of the computer screen all day; therefore, for keeping this obstacle in mind, software developers have introduced an IP monitoring tool that looks after the connectivity of the network. This tool alerts the staff members when there is any problem in case of network connectivity. IP monitoring is also aware of the potential issues that could cause further intermission. The issue can be easily rectified and dealt with before they cause any severe handicap to networks.

For example, to determine the connectivity and measure the status of the network, the monitoring tool may send an HTTP request periodically to fetch the page. For specifically email servers, a test message may be sent through SMTP and retrieved by IMAP. If the status request fails due to loss of connectivity, the request message cannot be recovered and usually produces an action from the monitoring system.

5 Best IP Monitoring Tools For Enterprise

Following are the primary IP monitoring tools that can be used by the enterprise:

Solar Wind IP Monitor

One of the leaders in the network monitoring software solution, it is the most comprehensive IP monitoring tool that originates from Solar wind. Solar IP monitor is an application that shows details about network devices, servers, and applications from a single console. This application makes the Staff aware by alerts on offline units as well as the performance issues.

Solar winds offer a 30-day trial that brings up a fully functioning program, so that the enterprises can experience the basics as well as the pros and cons of this tool. It also can discover devices. It is a better interface that provides all functions that are genuinely required to start a network called network maps.


PRTG is an all-in-one monitoring tool from Paessler. PRTG stands for Paessler Router Traffic Grapher. PRTG has a great ability to monitor and keep tracking whatever changes occur to the network by its variety of functions. It is available in different languages.

PRTG can also be used by highly rated IT companies like Microsoft SQL, Amazon, Oracle, SonicWALL.

The pricing model of PRTG works slightly differently as compared to other products. Here, the pricing depends on the number of sensors you add where the first 10 sensors are FREE, and pricing starts from $1800 for 550 sensors.

Manage Engine OpManager

OP Manager provides enterprises an ability to look at network configurations of devices that are connected to LAN and WAN and ensures quickly about the identification and provides remedies against the wrongly configured devices. This tool maximizes productivity and minimizes the intermission. OP Manager has a great outlook with an excellent interface and web-based application monitoring the enterprise IP based network devices simply to reach the ultimate goal. There are other great features such as scheduling backup; an enterprise can easily track changes in the network in real-time, time-saving with automated template functions. The pricing depends upon the request for a quotation made by the company.


PowerAdmin is a robust network and server monitoring tool that reports the performance and availability of devices. It manages to cram in all the functionality of a server monitoring suite, with a network monitoring system and the remote desktop system as well.

This system can monitor all of your network devices as well as Windows and Linux servers. In addition to this, all network devices, for example, router, and switches, are spectated via ping and SNMP, which provide a broad view of the network environment. There are the different features that power Admin, such as central monitoring, no incoming port configuration required, connection to servers and network devices, and local install that does not contain cloud based services. It’s pricing starts from $130 per allotment to the ultra-edition.


Zabbix is an enterprise-class monitoring platform that provides in-depth information about the performance of all devices on your network. It requires the different technologies that include SNMP, IPMI, and Active and Passive mode.

The way Zabbix collects data is both flexible and extendable, giving you both a calculated and aggregated set of metrics. Auto-discovery is on the point that lets enterprise to detect on the fly as they are added with no additional configuration required. There are more core features of Zabbix including – WAN and LAN networks bandwidth usage, packet loss rate, Interface error rate, link statues, and configuration changes.